Will DeSantis-Trump Rivalry Fracture the Republican Party?


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The Rich Zeoli Show- Hour 4:

  • In his opening remarks from Indonesia, following his meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, President Joe Biden discussed cooperation to meet climate goals—despite China’s continued, rapid expansion of coal mines.
  • An internal Republican battle between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump seems to already be in high-gear. Will this rivalry fracture the political party?
  • Dakota Wood—Senior Research Fellow for Defense Programs at The Heritage Foundation—joins the show to discuss President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Wood explains that, despite the 3-hour meeting, Biden ignored topics like the origins of COVID-19, the enslavement of Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of northwest China, and intellectual property theft. Meanwhile, President Xi reiterated that Taiwanese independence is a red line for Beijing. What will it take to deter China from seizing Taiwan?
  • Who Won Social Media? + Zeoli’s Final Thought

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