Episode 18 - 9/11/21: A Reflection on the US Imperialist War against Afghanistan


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The US has officially pulled out of Afghanistan, a war that has officially been going on since the 9/11 terrorist attacks 20 years ago. Since then almost one million troops have been deployed to Afghanistan, with the most recent reason given by politicians and the media on why we were there being to stop the Taliban from coming to power. A reality that is coming true, even after we wasted the lives of over 6000 soldiers and 150,000 Afghani people. $2.26T tax dollars were invested in this war too, even as each successive president promised to end the war. But we already know, here in America, that policy is made in the pursuit of profits, and American war profiteers are some of the richest people and businesses in the world.

Today we aim to show that this tragedy was not only unnecessary, but well-planned, and lied about. From the Taliban’s pursuit of a peace deal since 2001, when they offered to give up Osama bin Laden, and America refused, to America’s dogged pursuit of a permanent occupation; we will lay out the possible motivations, as well as the key players and actions that they took to prolong the war or misrepresent it.

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