Ep 2434: 'Good Guys' Win At Wentworth, Rating Rory, 7’s Get World Cup Bronze - 12/09/22


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Shane Lowry is back in the winner's circle for the first time since his Open victory at Royal Portrush in 2019, courtesy of a faultless Sunday performance at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth yesterday.

He was pushed all the way by Rory McIlroy, who fell literally an inch short of forcing a playoff - we talk to Malachy Clerkin about Shane's lovely habit of winning big tournaments, why Shane described this as one for "the good guys", and why human rights have disappeared from the PGA/LIV war of words.

We try and find out, as Malachy wrote a few weeks ago, if Rory is the most underrated person in Irish sport. There's also Terry Kennedy, Georgie Best, and why is Garth so big in Monaghan.

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