Action Radio (Guyana Broadcasting Service): March 12, 1972


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Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Dan Greenall, for sharing the following recording and notes:

Broadcaster: Action Radio (Guyana Broadcasting Service)

Date of recording: 3/12/1972

Starting time: believe it was around 0900 UTC

Frequency: 3.290 MHz

Recption location: Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Receiver and antenna: Hallicrafters S-52 using a longwire antenna

Notes: "Action Radio" (the Guyana Broadcasting Service) from Georgetown recorded signing on for the day in March 1972 on 3290 kHz shortwave. Their guitar interval signal is heard at first, a short musical interlude, then announcements in English giving frequencies used and local time as 5 o'clock in the morning. Initially taped on a reel-to-reel recorder, a copy was made shortly thereafter on a cassette (now 50 years old) from which this digital version was made.

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