Radio Austria International in German, August 3, 1996: 6155 kHz


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Recording of “Kurzwellenpanorama” programme, a German language media show of Radio Austria International, transmitted on_August 3, 1996 on the shortwave frequency of 6155 kHz. Recording has been made in Europe, using SONY ICF SW 77 receiver and the 20 meter longwire antenna located in the urban downtown city, with the balloon, mount only around 2 meters above earth level close to the building’s walls. For the recording of the programme a small SONY cassette recorder was utilized, with a modified cable connecting the line-out socket of SONY SW 77 receiver and the MIC socket of the cassette recorder.
In the recording you can hear the voice of Mr. Wolf Harranth known to DXers all over the world from his programmes on Radio Austria International (e.g. “Kurzwellenpanorama”, "DX Telegram"). Wolf Harranth died on August, 3, 2021 at the age of 80 years.

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