Radio Bougainville: October 21, 1971


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Hallicrafters SX-99 Dial

Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Dan Greenall, who shares the following recording and notes:

Notes: The morning of October 21, 1971, provided some of the best reception of Papua New Guinea stations in the 90 metre band that I ever experienced. These stations were rare visitors to my headphones but I was able to make a couple of short recordings of two PNG stations that morning, and they have survived to this day on that same audio cassette (now 51 years old). This one of Radio Bougainville begins with a local chant followed by announcement on the hour. The station ran 2.5 kw and their signal made it over 13,300 km to my receiver that day. The recording of Radio Rabaul on 3385 kHz will be submitted separately. Audio quality is passable considering the recording was made using an open mic to the speaker of the Hallicrafters S-52.

Broadcaster: Radio Bougainville

Date of recording: 10/21/1971

Starting time: 1100

Frequency: 3.322.5 MHz

Receiver location: Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Receiver and antenna: Hallicrafters S-52 using a longwire antenna

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