Radio Euzkadi (The Voice of the Basque Underground)


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Radio Euzkadi, the Voice of the Basque Underground, was a clandestine station representing the struggle of the Basque people for autonomy. Much has been written about the station. Radio Netherlands Media Network did an expansive 30 minute program on the station, and the article by the late DX’er Don Jensen is one of the best on the subject. For many shortwave listeners, Radio Euzkadi was a familiar station, usually heard in the 13 mHz band on 13.250 khz though it varied quite a bit due to jamming directed against it. These recordings were made in Levittown, Pennsylvania using a Hammarlund HQ-180 receiver. The station’s familiar “B.P. 59, Paris 16, France” address can be heard. The content of the English commentaries is especially notable for historical reasons. Radio Euzkadi verified with two types of cards, one a map card with a letter on onion skin paper, the other the well-known actual QSL showing a photo of the station’s antenna, either in the Pyrenees or in Venezuela where the transmissions came from later on.

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