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Our guest on this segment believes that -

Today’s business leaders operate in an increasingly harsh environment of industry disruption, social media influence, and startup competition. AND….

- The factors involved in surviving this landscape have surprising similarities to actual wilderness survival psychology.

Jonathan David Lewis is Partner and Strategy Director at McKee Wallwork & Co. He has led his firm to national branding and marketing recognition achieving multiple Advertising Age awards.

As a business thought leader, Jonathan is a regular contributor to Forbes, Digiday, and Advertising Age.

He is an expert in the factors that lead to stalled growth and helping companies navigate the dangers of the brand wilderness.

In his new book, BRAND VS WILD: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments (Taylor & Francis; May 2017), nationally recognized brand strategist, Jonathan David Lewis challenges the automatic behavioral responses of companies and employees in today’s brand wilderness.

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