Kevin Van Eekeren: The Start Up Investor


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Kevin started his career as a logistics officer for a SWAT team. That

gave him insight into the criminal justice world and he soon

found that training SWAT teams was the best way to reduce use of

force while ensuring the national security of our country. Fulcrum

Tactical was born out of that idea and within 18 months he took it

from a charity to a for-profit company. He started investing in

startups on the side but focused on Fulcrum Tactical and his new

venture, Fulcrum Farms, a sustainable farm producing high quality

meat and eggs for families and restaurants in the Chicagoland

area. After 6 years, Kevin sold Fulcrum Tactical and moved on to

investing in startups full time by starting Fulcrum Investing. He also

spends his free time co-hosting a podcast called The State of Logic.

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