SPI 509: How to Play the Long Game in Business and Win in Life with Dorie Clark


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#509 Are you in this for the long game, or the quick buck? The problem with short-term thinking is that it's so vulnerable. When you go for the long game, you're building something that will last—and perhaps even outlast you. Thankfully, most of the entrepreneurs I speak to are thinking about how to succeed in the long term. Now, you may not make a lot of money upfront by playing the long game. And you may have to dedicate more time than you'd like initially. But the end result is that you'll have more time and money and freedom down the road. We're talking with one of my favorite people today: Dorie Clark, author of The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World. Dorie and I chatted on here a long time ago, in session 161. She had just come out with a couple of books, Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out that have gotten really great reviews. We're going to discuss what it actually means to play the long game in today's world of short attention spans. What does it mean to sacrifice now so we can get more later? How do we play the long game, not just in business, but in life, so we're not sacrificing our health along the way? If you're not successful mentally and physically, then it doesn't matter how successful your business is. These are some of the most crucial topics we all need to think about as entrepreneurs, and we're discussing all of it and more, today with Dorie. Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session509.

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