Running a TPT Business Words of Wisdom (Special Collaborative Episode)


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In this week's episode of The Terrific Teacherpreneur, I have a special episode for you! In celebration of 50 episodes of the podcast, I've created a special collaborative episode. I reached out to some amazingly successful teacher authors and asked for their advice on running a TPT business.
In this episode, I share their tips about:

  • Getting your resources seen (when they aren't ranking well)
  • The fears that hold us back from our success
  • What you should be focusing on (and what you should avoid)
  • Finding what brings you passion
  • Checklists, schedules, and finding a balance

Thank you so much to the sweet people who shared their wisdom and golden nuggets! You can check out these 5 amazing people here -
Michelle Griffo From Apples and ABC's
My Teaching Pal
Hojo's Teaching Adventures
Tara West From Little Minds At Work
Deanna Jump

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