Jim Kaylor on His QA System for Dricrete Application to California Parking Garages. Dricrete 'Shotcrete' Replaces All Waterproofing Against Completed Excavation Shoring


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In this episode, Host Martin Halliwell talks with Jim Kaylor, Principal Consultant at Durability Consultants, with co-hosts Sarah Taylor and Michael McLeod. They discuss the Dricrete' Shotcrete' application and the FeH20Loc CAD Illustrations.

Durability Consultants is Factory Licensed to market, sell and service ISE Logik Concrete Admixtures, DriCrete's 20-Year Warranted Foundation Enclosure Waterproofing system, BoMetals's Diamond Dowel systems, Neptune Coatings, Arisfor (Stucco/Mortar) and the most advanced Corrosion Inhibiting admixtures available today.
Story Notes:

  • Mixed Designs from Footprint Engineering Company
  • Discussing Martin's approved US Patents including unique Overflow Geothermal (FEBTUCELL)
  • Tackling Martin's Patent (FEH20LOC)
  • Showing and Explaining Martin's Patent Drawings
  • Comparing systems with Dricrete
  • Coming up with better Value Engineering Systems
  • Waterproof and self-healing concretes
  • Alternate designs for more efficient engineering services.
  • Mixed designs as a value engineering option

Learn more at https://footprintengineering.ca/

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