Episode #86 - Let Go Ya Bitch


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I'm coming to you fresh off a TM Class, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and a Free Palestine protest, all before 1pm! Hey congrats on still being here, there's a lot of crap going on and the immediate gratification of not having to deal with it gives one hell of a strip tease. Hell is on earth, but heaven is in your mind. On today's episode of The Voices In Our Heads:

  • A weird week with birds
  • Man Thinks Woman Cares About Stats
  • Don't take Dupixent if you're allergic to Dupixent
  • A grandma sews a family back together in a stranger's dream (MaGiCaL email)
  • A look at Chapter 2 of Letting Go: The Pathway To Surrender by David R. Hawkins all about the mechanism of surrender.

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