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Toronto Blue Jays!!! Toronto Blue Jays! (just for the algorithm)

-Teoscar being traded has created a real Divide amongst the fanbase, where do you land on the move

-Alek Manoah joined Serge Ibaka on his YouTube cooking shows How Hungry are and took a few shots at Garrett Cole. Thoughts? Yankees fans are losing their mind over it

-is there an Outfielder or two you see as “best case scenario or best fits” -It may not be Brandon Nimmo but it does feel like this team may have another $100 million dollar contract in them, agree or disagree?

-Hall of Fame ballot had been released, there’s a few new names. Thoughts on possible inductees?

-Aaron Judge has made the rounds, he’s seen the pitches and now he needs to follow his heart. Where do you think he lands?

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