The Theft of Miollnir


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The Theft of Mjolnir Thor's Hammer

Of all the strange Norse tales that survived, the theft of Mjolnir Thor's hammer must be the funniest and somehow awkward. Many questions might come to mind, like who dared to steal Mjolnir or how Thor retrieved Mjolnir back. This blog post on BaviPower would retell the story in the most concise way.

One day, Thor woke up from his bed and found out that there was something wrong in the cosmos, something that would definitely affect the destiny of all beings. His Mjolnir hammer was missing. He must have dug up the entirety of Asgard to search for Mjolnir but he could not see any trace of it. Thor quickly assumed that only Loki dared to think of this prank and off he went to find Loki. However, when Thor angrily asked Loki about Mjolnir, Loki insisted he didn't know where Thor put Mjolnir before, let alone steal it. Actually, Loki knew who the hammer thief was but he didn't constantly tell Thor because he got some plans.

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