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Tune in today on the Watchman for an in depth Bible Study concerning the Feasts of the Lord. Pastor Vincent Xavier will walk you through the Scriptures in order to gain a true perspective of what the feasts are designed by God for. Also, as the world continues to spin out of control a New Wolrd Order of things is preparing to pounce upon the world stage like a Beast from hell. Are you ready? America has sinned against God. Her judgment is evident. There is no turning back. The wrath of God is upon this nation for the Lord has a controversy against the nations of the earth. The day of doom has arrived and you shall behold it with your own eyes. Repent for the kingdom of God Is at hand! Tune in now at 9:00am on The call in number is 818-369-0326 and view us live on Facebook at Omega radio and on Also go to and watch or listen to us live.

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