121. Sharpen Your Knife Every Day | Joe Talmon


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For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources, go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com In times of extreme change, it’s helpful to ask for a little wisdom from those who have already been through highs and lows in the past. Joe Talmon with Window Works (who is also a highly experienced industry consultant with Dave Yoho & Associates) has over 30 years in the industry and now runs a window, bath and roofing company with over 40 salespeople. Today, you’ll hear from Joe what you need to be doing as a business owner right now to prepare your business for the very near future. Plus, you can see Joe and I speak at the HIP (Home Improvement Profitability) Summit June 22-24 in the Northern Virginia/DC area. Just go to www.HIPSummit.com to get your tickets today, and we’ll see you there! P.S. To hear more insights from Joe Talmon, feel free to go back and listen to Episode 48. Go to www.gfourmarketing.com/blog/you-dont-get-rich-in-this-business-by-accident

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