Cobra Kai Stars Xolo Mariduena "Miguel" & Jacob Bertrand "Hawk" : Reboot of "Lost Boys" : Disney + "Hawkeye" : Cowboy Bebop : TWIG 9/19/21


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Cobra Kai Stars Xolo Mariduena "Miguel Diaz" & Jacob Bertrand "Hawk" stop by to talk about their new Podcast on the iHeart Radio Network called "Lone Lobos" We also discuss the popularity of Hawk, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons.
Top Nerd News covers the discount for HBO Max, the "Lost Boys" reboot, the Grace Kelly Challenge, Ryan Reynold, The Rock & Gal Gadot's new movie "Red Notice", Nicholas Cage and his willingness to do anything for a paycheck, and Cowboy Bebop's new Netflix Live Action series and the upcoming comics and novels set in that Live Action Universe.
Skungy's Pick of the Week is Psychonauts 2 which seems like Pixar's Inside Out....the game. We also talk about the new Masters of the Universe Board Game on Kickstarter.
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The Week in Geek 9/19/21

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