HAPPY HALLOWEEN : Comedian Joe Pera from Adult Swim : Elvira Mistress of the Dark : Back 4 Blood : The Week in Geek 10/31/21


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Joe Pera, Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Star of "Joe Pera Talks With You" on Adult Swim stops by the show. We discuss his Season 3 premier coming on November 7th., and gives D-Squared some advice on Halloween Candy, and the ideal foods for a Super Bowl Party. Joe Pera is a very monotone and subdued individual who got his start on Adult Swim with his animated special "Joe Pera Puts You to Sleep"
Elvira "Mistress of the Dark" joins the show to talk about her new Memoir ""Cruelly Yours, Elvira" We discuss her new tell all book about her amazing life from Small Town Kansas Girl, to Pop Culture & Horror Icon. She talks about her not so surprising but secret 19 year relationship with a woman. Later we get an amazing story about a Glass Eye, Her Nipple, and Sammy Davis Jr.
Skungy's Pick of the Week is "Back 4 Blood" the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead....because Valve can't count to 3. We also ask Skungy how his trips to Disney & Universal Studio's worked out and we compare notes on Halloween Horror Nights 30.
All that and more on The Week in Geek with D Squared. Sunday nights at 7pm on WRNO.com and the Free iHeart Radio App. Make sure you Click the SUBSCRIBE button so you never miss a new episode. Follow us on Twitter @TWIGradio and The Week in Geek on Instagram. TWIG 10/31/21

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