The Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis : Suzaku 7 : Mechacon Ops Manager : Paranormal Investigators Kendall & Vera Whelpton : TWIG 7/18/21


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The Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis stops by to talk about her new pod "Good Friends" We talk about her pod and her love of the World of Warcraft. FOR THE HORDE!!!
Operations manager for Mechacon Omega drops by to talk about the Final Mechacon coming up this Weekend July 23rd thru the 25th at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown New Orleans. Download the App to find out about all the events and safety protocols at the event.
Megan and Dreux of Suzaku 7 talk about their new album premier at Mechacon Omega this Friday July 23rd at 7pm.
Finally, Paranormal Investigators Kendall & Vera Whelpton drop in to talk about their new Documentary "The Sleepless Unrest : The Real Conjuring House" They stayed in the Haunted House that the movie the Conjuring was based on for TWO weeks! Not only did it talk to followed them home.
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The Week in Geek 7/18/21

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