W. Earl Brown of Deadwood, Preacher & The Mandalorian : PlayStation Showcase Recap : Marvel What If Spoilers : The Week in Geek 9/12/21


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After 2 Long Weeks we are back in studio.
W. Earl Brown from Deadwood, AMC's Preacher, Star Wars : The Mandalorian joins us to talk about his crazy awesome new movie "American Sausage Standoff" He tells us a few stories about his work on the set of The Mandalorian and Timothy Olyphant, and he and Jon Favreau's career starts as they both auditioned for beer commercials.
We start the show off with The Matrix : Resurrections trailer, and wonder what it all means with Neo not remembering his identity, or even his girlfriend. Later we recap all the new game announcements from PlayStation Showcase 2021, like KOTOR, GTA, Spiderman and Wolverine!
We round out the show with Major Spoilers for Marvel : What If episodes with Zombies and Dr. Strange.
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The Week in Geek 9/12/21

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