WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair : Author Terry Miles : Director Ilya Naishuller : Musician Dani Filth : TWIG 6/20/21


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WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair stops by to talk about the season finale of "WWE's Most Wanted Treasures" as she and her Dad Ric Flair search for his Butterfly Robe.
Author and Podcaster Terry Miles discusses his new book "Rabbits" which is based on his wildly popular podcast by the same name. We also talk about his bravado in shedding light on a game that may cause his "disappearance".
Director of the POV movie "Hardcore Henry" Ilya Naishuller drops by to talk about his new movie "Nobody" starring "Better Call Saul" actor Bob Odenkirk and old Doc Brown himself...Christopher Lloyd.
Finally Musician Dani Filth, lead singer of "Cradle of Filth" joins the show to talk about his new movie "Baphomet" Later he helps D-Squared pick out a new band name, by sharing what he had for breakfast and the color of his underwear......Hard Hitting Journalism at it's finest.
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The Week in Geek 6/20/21

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