Season 6 - Episode 19


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As soon as the car stopped, something did not seem right. Before their seatbelts were even off, another vehicle, a silver Citroen Picasso, parked up in a hurry alongside the foster carer’s car. There was a female in the driver's seat of the Citroen, and a man emerged hurriedly from the back seat. In a matter of seconds, the stranger was outside the car, something silver and shiny in his hand, a knife…


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Court documents and information from the following news organisations were referenced in this episode: THE TIMES, NORTHANTS LIVE, DAILY POST, WALES ONLINE, BBC NEWS, ITV NEWS, DAILY MAIL and SUSSEX LIVE.

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Stale Mate by Jingle Punks

Hydra by Huma-Huma

Lost In The Forest by Doug Maxwell

Something Is Wrong by Sir Cubworth

Rue Lake by Kevin Hartnell

TimeTrain by PCIII

I Am Running with Temporary Success from a Monstrous Vacuum

Cylinder_Four by Chris Zabriskie

Aurora by Kevin Hartnell

CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie

The House Glows With Almost No Help by Chris Zabriskie

Clouds by Huma-Huma

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