Season 7 - Episode 2


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PLEASE LISTEN TO ‘SEASON 7 - EPISODE 1’ FOR PART ONE OF THIS TWO-PART CASE. On Thursday, March 21, 2002, Amanda Dowler, known as Milly, did not come home from school. After her final lesson, the 13-year-old had left Heathside secondary school, and began her usual journey home to Walton Park… (Part 2 of 2).


This episode was researched and written by Eileen Macfarlane and Emily G. Thompson.

Script editing, additional writing, illustrations and production direction by Rosanna Fitton

Narration, editing, and production direction by Benjamin Fitton

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Salvation by Moments

Exclusion Zone by Hill

As Dusk Descends by Wicked Cinema

Introspection by Shimmer

Stopped Time by Moments

Interesting Forms by Acreage

Insidiously by Wicked Cinema

A Simple Gesture by Shimmer

The Part Where They Got Into A Fight by Stephen Keech

Revenant by Clark + Walker

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