052 - ”Let Us Have Peace”: The Post-War Life Of U.S. Grant


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About this episode:

Since its creation, this nation has so embraced several of its victorious generals that it elected them as presidents. Up until the American Civil War, most notably George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Zachary Taylor come to mind. This, in the aftermath of war, is the story of another - a man who, like the president he served, came from the humblest of origins and found himself in this nation’s highest elected office. A man, who in many ways, found his political campaigns just as challenging - perhaps even more so - than his military ones. With a tip of the cap in particular to William McFeely’s biography, this is the story of Ulysses S. Grant, who not only was instrumental in winning the American Civil War, but in trying to win the peace that followed.


Some Characters Mentioned In This Episode:

Andrew Johnson

Philip Sheridan

Julia Grant

Edwin Stanton

William T. Sherman

Charles Sumner

Rutherford B. Hayes

Samuel Clemens

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