054 - ”The River of Death”: The Battle Of Chickamauga


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About this episode:

Just some fifteen miles south of Chattanooga - there in the northwest corner of Georgia - there runs a creek with a harsh name. Indeed, its Cherokee or Creek origin means “River of Death.” That name was never more appropriate than in mid-September 1863 when Union and Confederate armies fought as if the entire war hinged on its outcome. In the end, it may well have, for all the circumstances that flowed from it. This is the story of the second bloodiest day of the American Civil War. This is the story of the Battle of Chickamauga.


Some Characters Mentioned In This Episode:

William Rosecrans

Braxton Bragg

Ambrose Burnside

George H. Thomas

Leonidas Polk

James A. Garfield

Additional Resources:

Morning, September 19th, 1863

Early Afternoon, September 19th, 1863

Late Afternoon to Dark, September 19th, 1863

9 a.m. to 11 a.m., September 20th, 1863

11 a.m. to Mid-Afternoon, September 20th, 1863

Mid-Afternoon to Dark, September 20th, 1863

Defense of Horseshoe Ridge and Union Retreat, Brigade Details

For Further Reading:

This Terrible Sound: The Battle Of Chickamauga by Peter Cozzens

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