Thriving Her Way


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Thriving Her Way is the go-to podcast for autistic women who are ready to empower themselves to become the very best version of their authentic selves. For the autistic women who are ready to choose themselves and know that they are meant to thrive in this life, not just survive. Host, Robyn Dippenaar, is a late-diagnosed autistic woman with a passion for mindset and personal development. Prior to transforming her own mindset, she spent her twenties lacking identity, people-pleasing and masking to the point of regular burnout and deteriorated mental health. She has experienced first-hand that striving for a neurotypical existance is just not the answer to living a fulfilled autistic life. Join her each week as she guides you through the work of solidifying your self-worth, building unbreakable confidence and mastering your mindset to start unapologetically living the life you truly desire and deserve. New episode every Wednesday.

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