Border-Gavaskar Special - Part 3 | Sydney | #53


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For everything that happened before, during and after this match at Sydney, it became more than a run of the mill test match. This was an epic. It was here that this test series went to another level. It was True Grit Down Under. In this episode:
Steve Smith's interesting pre-match press conference and his 'possessed' performance. Taunts about India looking to avoid the Gabba under the pretext of tough covid regulations at Brisbane. A national geographic segment on Jadeja as he stalks his prey and swoops in with a direct hit to find the only way to get Smith out. Illiterate social media chatter on Pujara and Pant's abilities. The rowdy Sydney crowd against Bumrah & Siraj, and the latter's 5D chess move. A bit of the BCCI muscle to get things moving along. The Pant-Pujara buddy-cop movie. The now legendary partnership of Vihari and Ashwin and their organ-swapping between overs. What really was going wrong in the AUS camp? And although he did not play, why was Shardul Thakur our player of the match? Let's relive this epic of a test match!
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