Border-Gavaskar Special - Part 5 | Series Review | Man Behind The Curtain | #55


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Welcome to the final edition of True Grit Down Under, a ThyGap special on the legendary Border-Gavaskar series. To wrap things up, we review the series by listing the players we thought showed champion spirit, from both teams. We then take a look at those who truly missed out, and why.
While the grit on one side is to be celebrated, the grime on the other is a cause for concern. We go into detail why we believe Australia's coach, Justin Langer, is primarily accountable for what happened with the team. And while this episode was recorded in February, more such anecdotes and incidents supporting this have surfaced since. We discuss how the Amazon show 'The Test' too helps shine a (albeit unintended) light on the inner workings of this highly PR-sensitive man. Although this situation is a bit hilarious from our vantage point, there's no denying that it threatens to jeopardize one of the very few strong Test-cricketing teams around. And that threatens the quality of the overall game.
"Aw, mate, in a country of one billion people, I reckon you'll have at least one podcast that sees through my shit!" - Elite Coach Sandwich-Blocker Saying

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