DarkSwamp Series: England v India 4th Test | #48


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It’s the Reverse Swing, Reverse Fortune edition of the fourth, and unfortunately final (for now) chapter of the DarkSwamp Series! We kick things off by recounting its abrupt end and pay respects to the tears of Test cricket followers and the Lancashire Cricket Club.
Then, of course, we revisit this glorious match, most of which had the momentum shift one way and back, bringing the scales back to level until, of course, the final decisive blows from India. From Manjrekar’s School of Cricket on how to accurately refer to Shardul Thakur’s batting in commentary, to Brut’s undying ‘love’ and ‘admiration’ of R Ashwin, who’s now a talisman of success meant to usher good fortune, but from the pavilion, this episode’s got all that and more. Who will be our Man of the Series? The answer will not surprise you.
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