Noble (aka Skillful) Eating -- What, When, Why?


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In this broadcast, the Chenrezig Project's Mark Winwood touches upon some of the how's and why's of Dharma-esque eating, including vegetarianism and traditional time(s) to take our meals. Featured is a wide-ranging interview with the owner/proprietors -- who are master raw food aficionados -- of Longevity Foods, a local (Duvall) vegan health food store and eatery. (Length: 56 minutes)

-- Note: This podcast was originally broadcast as an "Elegant Mind" episode on KAPY Valley Radio 104.9 FM, a community radio station serving the lower Snoqualmie River Valley of western Washington State. It includes commentary as well a musical ode to the "French Chef" Julia Child, composed and performed by Bobby Vega. Enjoy!

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