THE Campus: Make your teaching more inclusive and equitable


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Sara Custer hosts a group conversation with academics and university staff from the US and the UK about diversity, equity and inclusion, with a specific focus on anti-racism education and neurodiversity awareness.

They bust myths about diversity, equity and inclusion work and offer tips on how universities and faculty can make their campuses and classrooms inclusive to all students' needs.

Panellists include Jason Arday, an associate professor in sociology at Durham University and the deputy executive dean for people and culture in the Faculty of Social Science and Health; Tazin Daniels, an assistant director at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan and a digital equity expert with the Every Learner Everywhere Network; Chiara Horlin, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Glasgow and founder of the institution's Neurodiversity Network; and Amanda Irvin, senior director for faculty programmes and services at Columbia University's Center for Teaching and Learning.

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