Episode #62: NWA-TNA PPV #62 - 9/17 /03: The Scalping


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Bob Colling Jr. & Dallas Gridley are back in the TNA Asylum with the sixty-second NWA-TNA Pay-Per-View from September 17, 2003 at the TNA Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee. After a brief hiatus we have a huge main event as Raven faces off against Shane Douglas in a Hair vs. Hair Match! Also, Sonny Siaki tries to end D'Lo Brown's career for good in a Casket Match, we determine new #1 Contenders for the NWA Tag Team Championships, and an impromptu NWA Heavyweight Championship match! Also, Eric Young's debut, Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond, the mystery man is revealed and so much more as we catch up on some crazy backstage news & rumors! Join us to find out what else happens this week in TNA!

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