Chimpanzee Attack - Moe the Chimp Has a Really Weird Birthday


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On this episode, Wes navigates the twists and turns of a story about a chimpanzee attack that should probably be made into a movie. Saint James rescues a baby chimp whose mother died at the hands of poachers, and he takes the little guy back to California to raise as his own. But this seemingly sweet, direct-to-TV Lifetime flick quickly devolves into more of a Planet of the Apes kind of situation, and (spoiler alert) the chimps win this round in a total blowout. Jeff strongly expresses his love for chimps who wear clothes, and Mike needs to make friends. Thanks for listening, everyone! Follow us at toothandclawpodcast on Instagram, and help us out by rating this podcast and subscribing to it, it helps us out a lot. Hope you enjoy the story.

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