Vampire Bat Attack - The Spook-tacularly Rabid Halloween Special


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Welcome back to Tooth and Claw! On this episode, we're all happy to be talking about one of the signature animals of the Halloween season: the vampire bat. Wes has some really wild and super interesting facts as well as a couple of stories to share that really surprised us, while Jeff makes a really good comparison on purpose and Mike maybe admits that he has a thing for feet but it isn't all the way clear. Thanks again for listening! Don't forget to get in on the action over on our Instagram at ToothandClawPodcast. And while you're there, why not leave a comment on one of our posts about any spooky movies suggestions you have for us, we're all always looking to add to our Halloween "to-watch" list. And as always, if you want more Tooth and Claw we have about 18 bonus episodes and counting over on our Patreon page, with more being posted every other week. You can find tall that over at Thanks again!

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