EP 25: BUILDING A BEAUTY PAGEANT EMPIRE with Rachel Almanza: Florida Petite


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Here’s another episode of the Triple Threat Podcast with your hosts, Chris, Brian, and Vic! Today, we have Rachel Almanza to talk about the beauty and pageant industry.

Beauty pageants often have standards that candidates need to achieve to compete. One of those requirements is height, where women must stand at least five feet six inches tall. Because of this, Rachel created an organization where petite women can have the chance to wear a sash and a crown.

Enjoy this episode that celebrates inclusivity to women of all sizes!


- Pageant for petite women

- How to apply and compete in the pageant

- Things to do to start your own pageantry in your city

- Year-round events

- Beauty defined in a more profound way


“What some of these girls go through and what they’re willing to speak about, it’s beyond just seeing how beautiful they are.”

“I want my pageant to be more of like [a] sisterhood – the getting to know each other.”


Rachel Almanza

IG | Instagram.com/rachelalmanza

WEBSITE | rachelalmanza.com


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