TD173: New Electric Truck Tech, FMCSA ELD Commenting Period, Autonomous Truck Studies, Training Exemptions Pursued, & More


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In today’s show we’ve got lots of info on electric stuff, including Kenworth’s new electric truck, new battery technology, and whether our power grid can handle it. We’ll also get an update on the AB5 mess in California, the FMCSA is looking for your comments on ELDs, a new bill for driver training exemptions, a new autonomous truck study focused on drivers and new autonomous business partnerships, toll-reversals, new speed cameras, a hazmat endorsement exemption, and what do you know, we’ve finally got a new FMCSA administrator!

In the listener feedback segment, we’ve got a couple of new Trucker Dump Slack members, and some new guy calling himself Trucker Smack sends an audio comment with his thoughts on not having HOS rules. I’ll also share yet another bad podcast review!

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News Links:

Steering issue prompts recall of Western Star trucks from

TSA grants renewal exemption for truckers with hazmat endorsement from

FMCSA to accept public comments from truck drivers on ELDs from

Public comments accepted until November 15, 2022

FMCSA to recruit truck drivers for autonomous vehicle study from

Schneider to provide self-driving truck tech company with ‘freight loads and commercial expertise’ from

All-electric Kenworth T680E delivers a smooth, powerful ride from

California's power crisis poses a serious question for the future of EVs from

Daimler Truck boosts electric truck range with new battery chemistry from

California doesn’t want OOIDA allowed into next steps in CTA’s AB5 lawsuit from

OOIDA permitted to intervene in renewed AB5 legal battle in California from

Judge orders Rhode Island to stop collecting truck-only tolls within 48 hours from

Colorado proposal would revise state’s speed camera rule from

Senators introduce bill to lift ‘burdensome’ Entry-Level Driver Training rule from small trucking companies from

Senate confirms Robin Hutcheson as FMCSA administrator from

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