What Lurks Inside The Walls: Hidden Rooms (From Strange & Unexplained)


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FAM!! Season 2 of the Obsessed Network Original Podcast "Strange & Unexplained With Daisy Eagan" launches today!
In case you aren't familiar, “Strange & Unexplained is a podcast about all the things that make us wonder. Each week host Daisy Eagan tells the tale of something strange–sometimes it’s paranormal like a haunting or alien encounter, other times it Earthly like an unexplained disappearance or an unsolved murder. But it’s always a twisted tale of something just beyond what we can easily understand. And each story is told with Daisy’s trademark blend of humor, sass, and skepticism.
In this episode, Daisy investigates what lurks inside the walls - Hidden Rooms:
Have you ever had one of those dreams where you discover other rooms in your
apartment? Like, suddenly there’s a door you never noticed before, and beyond it
is all the extra space you always wish you had? Or maybe you’ve had the
nightmare version where you open your closet door and instead of your clothes,
you’re looking at some kind of medieval torture dungeon. What would you do if
you actually found a hole in your home leading to somewhere else.
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