End of the Year Wrap-Up w/ Piston Honda and Lego Anakin Skywalker


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One final episode to close out the year. Join us as we talk about some of the "real" criminals out there and other nonsense. We're joined by two guests this week, Piston Honda and Lego Anakin Skywalker. We take a vote and find out if Ernest P. Worrell is sexy and as always we tell some crimes and stories that relate. It's not quite a countdown but there are definitely highlights from what has been possibly a better year, but that's up for debate. Thanks for listening this year and we hope to bring you more content and fun adventures as we roll into 2022. Have a Happy New Year from your favorite True Criminals!

Thanks to J. Richland Anderson, Des, Deznieks, Rachel Bookout, Ross Licktieg, and Scotty Wolfenbarger for their help on the show.

Thanks to Justin Wells for his song Age of Aggression as our outro

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