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Our mailing list is gone! Who knew we even still had a mailing list? Precious few! The Pendant Shakespeare's "Pericles" casting call has concluded, Google Play/Google Podcasts is a headache, and we have a new show that's non-scripted non-fiction, "The Writers Block!" You definitely need to check it out if you have any interest in comic books, geeky stuff, writing, art, or publishing. And if you don't have an interest in any of those things, you're probably not reading this. We've got exclusive previews of "The Kingery" episode 11x03, "Mage and Machine" episode 2x03, and "Seminar" episode 97, and Jordan and Brady Hendricks discuss refusing questions, funny southern guys, and heavy metal singing. Give us those star clicks, please! --Please leave us a rating on Apple Podcasts!-- Website: Twitter: @pendantweb Facebook: Tumblr: YouTube:

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