Global Climate Governance


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There is common agreement that climate change poses the greatest policy challenge of our age. The costs of getting it wrong would be immense, but the barriers to getting it right are dauntingly high. Action is needed on a global scale. But global politics is deeply fractured, and individual countries may be tempted to free ride on the actions of others.

So what are the global governance structures through which the world is attempting to address this challenge? Are they delivering, or do they need reform?

Well three of the leading experts on these questions – David Coen, Julia Kreienkamp, and Tom Pegram – are based at the UCL Department of Political Science and have just written a book on the subject. It’s called Global Climate Governance and it’s published now by Cambridge University Press. And two of those authors join my now to discuss the findings.

Host: Professor Jennifer Hudson
Julia Kreienkamp
Dr Tom Pegram

Global Climate Governance
Policy brief

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