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Av Melissa Browne, Melissa Browne: Ex-accountant, Ex-Financial Advisor, and Ex-Working till I dro oppdaget av Player FM og vårt samfunn — opphavsrett er eid av utgiveren, ikke Plaer FM, og lyd streames direkte fra deres servere. Trykk på Abonner knappen for å spore oppdateringer i Player FM, eller lim inn feed URLen til andre podcast apper.
Join me, Melissa Browne, ex-financial advisor, ex-accountant, ex-working till I drop. Now serial entrepreneur, best selling author and financial educator as I talk all things money. Why a podcast about money? That's because as women we're choosing not to talk about it and when it comes to dealing with money - we’re kind of sucking at it. There is a wage gap that exists not simply in the corporate world but in the world of small and medium business owners where women should be on par with men. There is a gap between men and women that we’ve tossed in the too hard basket for the moment in our superannuation funds. And there’s a widening gap between those who own property and those who do not. And let’s not even talk about the role money and power holds in our society. That’s why ladies I believe finance is a feminist issue. It’s time we started to uncensor money. Here you'll find chats about money where we throw off the notion that money is crass or uncomfortable. It's all about becoming comfortable bringing money into our everyday conversations and through it, figuring out what our own money story is and whether we might want to change it.

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