Under My Skin - True Stories of Family, Cancer, Financial Ruin, Suicide - nothing a family should have to endure explicit


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Under my Skin is a dialog of a family going through the most unimaginable torture from a crazy mentally unstable woman and the so called love of a son dying from Melanoma cancer. Beginning with the discovery of the cancer, dropping out of school, working at a church camp in the hopes of finding God by helping others, Girlfriends who use and abuse him and ultimately dying a death with none of his family around. And the ultimate crazy mentally ill girlfriend and then leaves with what matters the most. Under My Skin is a true story. A Drama. A Psycho-thriller and most of all sad that we have humans that can do this. Not just once, but multiple times. Thank you for listening to Under My Skin.The artwork says it all, Lucifer in a woman's body on the left. A Cute She-devil on the right. Two ladies that took the heart of a very sick man and - well - listen to the crazy. It's in these 10 to fifteen minute episodes.The puppy on the left is his dog, a dog he had to leave with his family to follow Lucifer to another state... and he was in no state to be moving away from the best doctors in the world. And the goat - well that's actually Gideon. A goat that Ian Locke loved. Enjoy the Journey, otherwise you would go INSANE!

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