Episode 86- We're BACK! AGAIN! Where were you when the Swedes came back for lindisfarne!


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In this opening Episode of 2020*, Freddie and Magnus whets your heresy appetites by dangling the alluring deepdish of this years GREATEST #Varangianheresy event. The one, the only, SCANDUS! Furthermore we introduce the latest addition to the Varangian heresy podcast A Second Chris, a KRISS even. what is this? Who is he? and Can he edit! The Varangian heresy apologies in advance for the low quality of editing, it will hopefully improve, it can't possibly get worse after this one, OR CAN IT! Check in next time to find out. (A new young guy to do technology,a WHFB Podcaster and Munda player, allegedly, and NO, he cannot) follow us on social medias! thevarangianheresy@gmail.com https://instagram.com/varangianheresy https://www.facebook.com/TheVarangianHeresy/

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