Episode 91- Book 9 Crusade MEGAREVIEW-Part1/3 Nightlords,new units and 2021 kickoff!


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Wherein the podcast ROCKS OFF 2021 with a Mega-review of Book nine, crusade! we are diving head-in to review the latest blackbook from forgeworld, a tad delayed you say? Gibberish old chap!, we have mrely taken our precious time cogitating, digesting and prognosticating the VAST implications and the game ALTERING additions and alterations. will yonder work of future-augar's entice thine hosts? Will we be sated in our last for all things Eighth legion? Hear ye on and find out! WARNING; due to mechanical corruption Djins the main segment was wrested from our safe data harbours and scattered like so many primarchs, we have restored it, however, the first ten minutes (wherein we start discussing the legion hussars) have been irrevocably lost! As such the main segment starts in the middle of noble pelles gifted oratory. We are all saddened, but alas, t'is so. time stamps 00 Opening of 2021 with Freddie, Pelle and Krell, what are we working on? EPIC!?! 00:36 Main segment start(ed without us, sorry again)wherein we discuss the new units, potential tactics, Danish power drilling and Nighlords 03:19:00 Outro and promises of a resplendent 2021

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