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And WE ARE BACK AGAIN, FROM OUTER SPACE! In this slight megasode(barely four hours for your slaved servitor monobass to play) yonder hosts are speaking into brass tubes to conscribe on to hallowed,tallow tubes to be sent for heretical hearsay. We discusss FLUFF. What appeals to us? What drove us into the grabbing arms of hobby, and what kept us there? We discuss the 10+ (!) years of lore and learnings that have made us stay in and on 30K! 00:00 Bodies and intro! 01:26 event SHOUTOUT to Tales of Heresy III in the grim north, check it out in the link above and within, grimness and war in the swedish NORTH 01:39 Main segment, Fluff what we love what drove us into the hobby and what are our favorite parts and BL lore so far? Yonder hosts, Pelle, Freddie, Jodi and Kriss discuss what we love the most 03:44 END Check out our social media https://www.facebook.com/TheVarangianHeresy thevarangianheresy@gmail.com RAFFLE TICKETS 2022 http://join.parentprojectmd.org/site/TR/Events/2010SiteDesignGREvents?px=1663208&pg=personal&fr_id=1110 EVENT : https://fb.me/e/1neJluE0B

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