Hypnosis and Vedic Meditation


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Hypnosis is often seen as having therapeutic value, a way of overcoming problems caused by an ‘incorrect psyche.’ Because of the layer of silence achieved inside a Vedic Meditation sitting, Vedic Meditation, we’re frequently asked if it is actually a form of hypnosis.

The short answer is no. Vedic Meditation is not hypnosis, but to understand the answer fully requires a closer look at what hypnosis is. Though hypnosis may be done with good intent, and may apparently have some ‘good’ effects, and may appear to be beneficial, essentially it’s a form of manipulation.

So in that sense, hypnosis is in fact the opposite of Vedic Meditation. Vedic Meditation provides an opportunity to transcend the mind, to go beyond the small s self, the field where hypnosis has an impact, to the big “S” Self, where hypnosis has no impact whatsoever, and where the psyche can obtain benefits far beyond anything that hypnosis can deliver, and in perfect alignment with Nature.

Listen to Thom explain this more fully, looking at the subject both from an individual perspective and also from the group perspective, explaining the impact of suggestibility and the role of Vedic Meditation in combating its effects.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] - Is Vedic Meditation a Form of Hypnosis?

[01:59] - Locus of Control

[03:28] - A Construct of Exterior Influences

[04:52] - The External Locus of Control at Play

[04:58] - Field Dependency and a Narcissistic Approach to Life

[07:49] - Internalized Locus of Control

[08:58] - Who is a Control Freak?

[10:41] - The Loving Controller

[12:06] - The Element Of Suggestibility

[13:45] - The Field-Independent Person

[14:47] - Suggestibility and Influences of the Outside World

[16:44] - Mass Suggestibility

[18:32] - Being: The Fountainhead Of Creative Intelligence

[20:28] - The Cause of the Evolutionary Process

[22:11] - Hypnotizability and Suggestion

[23:42] - Self-Hypnosis

[24:56] - Changing Psyche On The Basis Of Suggestibility

[26:24] - Suggestibility and Terrible Behaviors

[28:07] - Hypnosis for Addiction

[29:31] - The Inexperienced Gardener

[30:41] - Fixing the Symptoms

[31:42] - The Role of Vedic Meditation

[32:42] - Experiencing The Inner Potentiality

[34:43] - Becoming More Ideal Citizens

[36:21] - Creating Social Change

[38:18] - Buckminster Fuller and the Analogy of the Trim Tab

[40:51] - The Consciousness-Spreader Effect

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