The Difference Between Vedic Knowledge and Hinduism


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A very frequent question Thom receives is "What is the difference between Vedic knowledge, learned through Vedic Meditation, and Hinduism?"

Hinduism, as a religion, is supposed to honor thousands, if not millions, of Gods. This religion offers many offerings to people from all over the world and is practiced by around a billion people in India.

It surprised many to learn that Hinduism does not originate in the Vedic or Sanskrit languages, which makes it quite an intriguing conundrum.

Hinduism in reality is a linguistic construction that came about as a result of British rule in India. Hinduism is a combination of religious beliefs, some of which are based on Vedic understandings, while others may derive from the practices they adopted to show dignity and self-respect while they were dominated by the British.

In this fascinating episode, Thom shares the history of Hinduism and what sets the Vedic worldview apart from Hinduism.

Episode Highlights:

[00:52] - What Distinguishes the Vedic Worldview From Hinduism?

[01:47] - The Origin of Hinduism

[03:51] - The Multi-Pronged Approach of Britain

[05:39] - The Indus River Became Hindus

[07:24] - Hinduism Turned Into a Fabricated Religion

[08:58] - Statuary in India

[10:06] - Hinduism is a Construct

[11:53] - The True Meaning of Yoga

[13:51] - Sanatana Dharma

[15:51] - The Meaning of Veda and Apaurusheya

[18:08] - What Is the Veda

[19:17] - An Exponent of Reality

[21:09] - The Cosmic Law of the Evolutionary Process

[22:51] - The Destruction Operator at Work

[24:38] - The Cycle of Evolution

[25:36] - We Design Suffering for Ourselves

[27:43] - Does God Want You to Suffer?

[28:42] - Suffering and Happiness From the Vedic Perspective

[30:33] - The Purpose of Life is the Expansion of Happiness

[32:31] - Our Brain Personalises the Laws of Nature

[33:40] - The Expression of Your Inner Nature

[35:16] - Why the Vedic Worldview Doesn't Qualify to be a Religion

[37:02] - There is No Concept of God in the Vedic Worldview

[39:12] - Practicing Your Technique Helps You to Grow Your Conscious State

[41:25] - The Vedic Experience of Growth

[42:48] - Medicinal Properties of the Willow Bark

[44:02] - The Problems With Aspirin

[45:21] - The Relationship Between Hinduism and Vedic Knowledge

[46:18] - The Problem Of Active Ingredient Mentality in the West

[47:56] - The Western Approach to Spirituality and Active Ingredient Mentality

[48:56] - Heaven on Earth is the Vedic Worldview

[50:26] - The Difference Between Vedic and Hinduism

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