The Difference Between A Spiritual Awakening and Psychosis


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Episodes of psychosis and experiences of ‘spiritual awakening’ have one key characteristic in common, they are both experiences that are ‘out of the ordinary.’

This can be problematic, especially if the person making a diagnosis has not had an experience of spiritual awakening themselves.

One key distinction between the two states though, is that a spiritual awakening is accompanied by a stable sense of Self (with a capital S), whereas a psychotic episode is the opposite, and is usually accompanied by an erratic sense of self (with a small s).

A spiritual awakening is desirable, whereas a psychotic state is not. Listen to Thom explain the states in more detail, and how you can deliberately set yourself on a path that makes a spiritual awakening the more likely option for you.

Episode Highlights:

[00:45] The State of Psychosis

[02:19] A Genuine Spiritual Awakening

[03:47] What Are You Minus All the Thoughts?

[05:33] Experiencing What is Beyond Thought

[07:01] Describing Your Experience in Language

[09:01] Dr. Ronald D Laing's Research on Psychosis

[10:30] A World of Psychosis

[12:37] Knowledge Eliminates Fear

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