#05 – Taking Couchbase Public | Greg Henry


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Greg Henry (Couchbase, ServiceNow, GE Healthcare) is a finance leader with 20+ years of experience leading global growth and financial operations within the technology industry. In this episode, Henry joins Catherine Jhung to discuss taking Couchbase public in July 2021, what Henry learned from a fourteen-month consent decree at GE Healthcare, advice for aspiring CFOs, and much more.
Topics Include:
Career paths to becoming a CFO. The power of mentors in shaping our career trajectory. The importance of the CEO/CFO relationship. The future of office work in a post-COVID world. Time management and work-life boundaries. Living and traveling abroad with family. How to properly vacation. What Henry learned when transitioning from a company of 300,000 employees to a company of 300 employees. And other topics.
Greg Henry is the CFO of Couchbase where he is responsible for the overall financial governance and management of the company’s financial operations. Prior to Couchbase, Henry served as the Senior Vice President of Finance at ServiceNow, where he led the enterprise cloud company’s financial development. Greg is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business.
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